Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Friday, 20 April 2007

In the beginning ...

"Ok, so we all have to start somewhere", my Father informed me when I bodged up the HMS Belfast in 1:1000 scale. I was always particularly inept at piecing together ready cut pieces to make models. In fact, I even failed miserably with paint by numbers, because I could never get enough paint on the brush to push it all the way out to the boundaries or too much paint without painting over the boundaries. What terrible anguish. I knew at that moment I would never quite match up to my Father's expectations of me as an artist. We persisted anyway.

30 years later, I replaced my scalpel and paintbrush with a tenon saw and camera, and began making work again. I thought that maybe a battleship was slightly ambitious, so set about knocking together a clinker rowing boat, to see where it takes me. Again.